Monday, June 11, 2012

The Next Step

I suppose it's time to make the news internet official: after I finish my service year in Montana in July, I will be moving to South Carolina to serve as a VISTA leader with United Way. I couldn't be more excited! Deer Lodge has been wonderful and the experience has been fantastic, so I can't wait to take everything I've learned and put it into practice and try to help other VISTAs reach their full potentials. I'm sure it will take a little time to readjust back into the Southern way of life but I think I can swing it (total sarcasm, by the way).  

Devils Tower 

This past weekend, a group of VISTAs from all over Montana drove down to Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming and met up with a group of VISTAs from Colorado. The monument was breathtaking and more than a little intimidating. I don't have any pictures at the moment to share because I had to rely on the photography of others, but here is a little information about it, if anyone is interested. Besides learning a lot about the monument, rock climbing, and other related topics, we also got to learn a lot from each other about serving as a VISTA in a different state. There were huge differences between the 2 states, even just in Orientation. Pretty crazy. Makes me even more excited for the chance to serve again somewhere else and see more differences. 

I will be attempting to go home in between service terms, but travel reimbursement policies have changed recently so I can't say anything for sure yet. Ethel has been through a lot this year. Besides the internal computer issue on my way here, she has also had to get 5 new tires. Yes. I said 5 and I meant it. One to replace the tire that lost it's tread and broke my tail light, and then a whole new set when the rest of the tires started to lose a lot of their grip on icy roads. It was cheaper to buy 4 than just 3 for some reason... I also got a new oil pan put in. Ethel's still waiting on the new tail light. Right now she has a red tape band aid solution at the moment. A rock skipped along the hood and caused a little cosmetic issue, but fortunately didn't crack the windshield. Basically, she's had to toughen up quite a bit. But she's gearing up for the trip back across the country! She's excited. She told me so.  

This is a picture from right after the tread attack, as I like to refer to it. Since then, I "fixed" the tail light, replaced the tire (twice) and tried to polish out some of the scuffs. It's a hard knock life. 

Now to start taking inventory of my little apartment and getting everything packed up... As of today, I have 41 days left to enjoy as much of Montana as I possibly can. Judging how quickly this year went by, 41 days in barely time to blink.

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