The Project

My VISTA year is being spent with the Powell County Victim/Witness Assistance program in Montana. The goal of this project is to establish a transition home locally. Currently, a victim of domestic violence or abuse has to travel almost 40 miles for housing opportunities and other assistance. They have to leave what little support they might have in the area. They have to take their kids out of school, and away from their friends. The most dangerous time for a victim is leaving the relationship. The absence of services and opportunities in Powell County make freedom seem all the more impossible.

If you are one of those amazingly wonderful individuals who look for any opportunity to help out and be involved, there are a few different ways you can observe and help with our project directly.

The first is the transition home blog. I write the majority of the posts. Some are directly related to our project and progress, others are on potential awareness events, or ramblings on a pertinent subject. If nothing else, you should read to make fun of my ridiculous analogies. I once found a way to tie in domestic violence and cookies. Don't believe me? Share your support and encouragement here:

Cottonwood Commons Transition Home Blog

The other way you can get involved is to visit our Etsy shop to purchase handmade items (many made by yours truly) that benefit the transition home. The items are donated so 100% of proceeds go to support the transition home and other direct services.

Check out Safety Net on

Thanks for helping me try to make the world a better place :)