Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's just the beginning...

Everything from Pensacola has been packed up and hauled across the state of Florida back home. It took 2 cars, a generous friend offering to store a few things, a helpful roommate, a determined mother and sister, and a lot of tearful goodbyes, but we made it. Ethel was packed almost to capacity. She has to get used to it before we head off to Montana! I have no idea how to fit everything I'll need for a year into one carload so I'm looking into a car rooftop storage option. Maybe from roofbags.com -- thoughts or suggestions?
The duffel bag was my company.

I need to figure out some sort of packing system OR have a small accident that leaves the crafty part of my brain compromised. It seemed like craft supplies, or things that I think could be used to make something crafty, or crafty items I've made took up at least a third of the space traveling back home. Its a symptom of my disease which renders me incapable of leaving anything plain. What is this disease you ask? Creativity. I've heard some cases may be fatal.

Which brings me to my next thought... AmeriCorps was the perfect opportunity for me to indulge my idealist nature and utilize my newly earned college degree (woot for education). My assignment is working to improve community awareness about domestic violence and also to research and write grants to fund a transitional home for people in dangerous living situations. I'm becoming increasingly aware of how ill-prepared I am for this task. I know NOTHING about domestic violence. My degree is in theater (another side-effect of my disease) and I have minors in history and religious studies. I have no formal experience in grant writing. Most of my developed skills revolve around using all those little crafty stowaways. Not to mention the fact that I was born into a lovely home with blessings aplenty and two parents who have always loved and cared for my sister and I, as well as each other. I'm niave, I know. And I'm grateful for that in many ways. But now it's time to open my eyes to help this world that God made, and humans made imperfect.

God does not call us because we are perfect for the task, or the most experienced, or even the most skilled. He calls us because it is according to his will and purpose. He doesn't need us to be perfect, he needs us to be willing. So here I am! Send me! Ethel and I will be ready for the journey soon enough...

10 days until the voyage begins.

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